Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics

Every day we take the bus, train or our cars and drive over interconnected systems of road infrastructure, rail- or tram networks. We go to shops and buy products that were produced, manufactured and distributed across all continents over all conceivable transport networks, over water, land or via the air. And even within large or small industrial complexes, again transport plays a fundamental role. Think of the automated baggage handling at international airports, fully automated production chains or automated container terminals at large harbors.

The master Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics is a master program that copes with all the aspects named above and more. And it does that on an inter-faculty level, which means that we take the best and most interesting parts of three master tracks, namely:

The MSc program TIL offers you courses and projects to acquire knowledge, insights, and skills in the broad area of traffic (the movement of vehicles), transport (the movement of passengers and freight), infrastructure (roads, railways and harbors) and logistics (the organization behind freight movements and transshipment both within and between industrial complexes). The curriculum of the MSc Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics track has the following program:

  • 28 ECTS: Compulsory courses on Fundamentals
  • 26-28 ECTS: Compulsory courses from your chosen specialisation: Transport Governance, Transport Networks, Traffic Operations or Logistics Systems
  • 19-21 ECTS: Wide range of electives from different master tracks
  • 5 ECTS: Research project
  • 10 ECTS: Design project, most of the time conducted at a company
  • 30 ECTS: Master thesis 

Get an overview of the TIL study programme by clicking on the image below:

More detailed information about the curriculum can be found here. For more detailed information about each specializations can be found directly Transport GovernanceTransport NetworksTraffic OperationsLogistics Systems.

As Dispuut Verkeer, we focus on the quality of the master program and the courses. Each quarter the courses are evaluated by a Response Group. The Response Group discusses the content, the lectures and the assignment and/or examination of the courses. 

More information can be found at the TU Delft websiteQuestions? Please feel free to contact our Commissioner of Education by sending an email to education@dispuutverkeer.nl

Commissioner of Education TIL 
Jochem den Nijs