Comparison between MSc Civil Engineering (Traffic and Transport Engineering) and MSc Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics​

The track of Traffic and Transport Engineering (TTE) of the MSc Programme in Civil Engineering is related to the MSc Programme in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL), offered jointly by three faculties (i.e. TPM, 3ME and CEG) of TU Delft. Often we are asked if students should choose TTE or TIL. Although the subjects and contents are mainly the same there are some differences which can help you make your choice. Main differences between TTE and TIL are that TTE more focuses on the how and why of particular phenomenon in traffic and transport. Engineering, operational and technical challenges form the core of the track. Aspects like the design of public transport and traffic behavior are looked at in more detail and also there is a strong modelling approach. On the other hand, TIL has more of a focus on transport policy, spatial planning, transport systems, supply chains, infrastructure networks and management & control. TIL provides an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective for tackling the social-technical complexity of transport systems. However, most subjects like planning and optimization are overlapping, and depending on the chosen specialization it could be that a great percentage of the courses are the same. Hence, the choice between the two masters is often less important.