Quality Assurance

To ensure the continued excellence of the Master Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics and the Civil Engineering Master Track Transport and Traffic Engineering, gathering your input is of paramount importance. The commissions of education for TIL and TTE organize Evaluation lunches for both programs, dedicated to evaluating modules and courses. The response from these lunches rely on feedback, provided it is constructive, to help instructors in refining their teaching methods for the future.

If you're inclined to participate in enhancing and upholding the caliber of our educational offerings, please reach out to your corresponding programs Commissioner of Education:

  • Commissioner of Education TTE Tabia Binta Farazi
  • Commissioner of Education TIL Jochem den Nijs

You can contact them both via email at education@dispuutverkeer.nl.

Should you wish to join a lunch, have any comments or questions regarding your programme, even if you're not looking to actively join the liunches, your insights would be immensely valuable.