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Career Lecture Enginear – Negotiating your Salary, Contract and Terms of Employment
At the end of your master you will start the orientation for the next step in your career.
There are plenty of opportunities for you as a young engineer. However, what is a good way to start your job search and how do you find out what is the best fit for you?

Also, you will enter the phase of job interviews and negotiating job offers. In this lunch lecture career advisor Laurie van Bemmel will give you useful and pratical information on what you can expect for your first contract:

  • What is an average salary for a young professional in the field of structural and/or civil engineering?
  • Should I negotiate on the job offer at the start of my career?
  • What are differences in terms of employment between companies and positions?
  • What are primary and secondary conditions? What is a CAO? 

There will be plenty of room to ask all your questions regarding this topic. Sign up for this lecture trough this link, there will be some free food & drinks available!