Lunch Lecture

Greetings, University of Delft!

Join us for a lunch lecture where Ilmo van Baarle, a Mobility and Data Consultant at Iv-Infra and alumini of the TU Delft, provides an overview of various projects within our mobility division. These projects span from complex simulation studies and high-level policy making to smaller traffic light optimizations and the restructuring of an intersection.

We'll take a closer look at one of our recent projects for the province of Utrecht, focusing on the reassessment of intersection prioritization. In this undertaking, we developed a high-level policy framework in collaboration with all levels of the Dutch government, utilizing a range of tools (like PTV Vissim). The project shows that Iv-Infra offers something of interest regardless of your field of expertise in traffic matters.

 This lecture is an opportunity to gain insights into our work and understand how we navigate the intricacies of mobility projects. We look forward to your participation.