V-Lunch Lecture

In an era of rapid technological advancement and global interconnectedness, the landscape of supply chains is poised for a transformative revolution. The future of supply chains promises to be a dynamic and intricate network, driven by cutting-edge technologies, innovative processes, and an unwavering focus on sustainability.
As industries adapt to evolving consumer demands, market dynamics, and unforeseen challenges, the traditional linear supply chain model is giving way to a highly agile, responsive, and interconnected ecosystem. From smart manufacturing and predictive analytics to blockchain-enabled transparency and autonomous logistics, the future supply chain is set to redefine efficiency, resilience, and value creation.

This lunch lecture by Erik van Wunnik delves into the key trends and paradigm shifts that will shape the future of supply chains, illustrating how businesses and industries must adapt to stay competitive and thrive in this exciting new landscape. Erik van Wunnik follows an investment, entrepreneurial and corporate life as long as he believes he has an impact on the world. Currently he is Global Director Product Development of DSV Solutions.


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